Demo EP '09

by It Came From A Lab

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Thanks to Buff and Toby!

--- DIY ---


released September 13, 2009

Bass: Philip Burnett
Drums: Mads Folmer Richter
Vocals/guitar: Thinh Duc Tran

Recorded in the band's rehearsal room
Copenhagen 2009 with Emil Stricker
Mixed by Emil Stricker & Thinh Duc Tran
Produced by It Came From A Lab
All songs & lyrics by It Came From A Lab

Mastered by Tobias Pyndt Steinmann

Cover art/logo by Emil Stricker



all rights reserved


It Came From A Lab Hovedstaden, Denmark

It Came From A Lab is a trio that plays progressive poppunk and rock with a tendency to float in a spheric universe of dub and postrock. Lyrically, the band drifts in the realm of lost, social consciousness, love and the little things in life.
With the group members' years of experience on stage, It Came From A Lab is a band with the emphasis on live!
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Track Name: These Wars

Please know that you will never vanish into a void
You misinterpret that I’m able to use you as a toy
All that I don’t want to see is you begging on your hands and knees
Cuz you’re so much more than the scenario of you sinking to the sea

Go on let me walk away
You say the balance equal but obviously it’s not

I value the assets you possess
But now it’s time for me to show the world
That these wars ended for a reason
You taught me so much but now it’s time to go
Track Name: Chemical Rise

You are not that tough
Neither are you all that weak
That’s what I see when I look into the mirror
It’s the reflection of the person that I’ve become

Time will tell when it’s time to start anew

Step by step is what I do
It’s sometimes sucks but I always know
That the seasons will always bring me another flow
With them seeds to plant me a new foundation
It’s sensational

I see the light forming right in front of my eyes
Seems as the Lab will construct this chemical rise
Strangely so as the seasons are passing me by
I still see it grow the Three Stars will show
That the light will always grow stronger

You are not that cool
Neither are you such a fool
To proceed a life without a meaning
Cuz this is the soul that I want to capture once more
Track Name: Ode

Many minutes have passed by now
Many bridges have been built
So sorry that we had to say stop
But we needed to state enough is enough

That these words will turn into
A string of songs that will start us a new foundation

This is an ode to us, cuz I need it oh yeah so much
Life is too short to be fussing and fighting, time to be reclining
This is an Ode to us, oh yes I need it so much
I know it’s hard yet we need to be cool about it

Complication has its toll now
And the void that you once filled
Has once again emerged on me
But we need to let go and hope that we’ll see

As long as we stay calm we’ll work it out some day
And now I wrote this song knowing we will be okay
This is so old, such a cliché
Yet it’s so good, so nice to say
Track Name: Girl

Go down to town and find a girl to take a thousand steps with
overtake the night
Along the line you find the girl to take a giant leap with
cuz then you might

Sing the songs to start your lane
Sing the lines that’ll show you her name
Sing the songs to start the rain
Sing the lines that’ll show you her game

Start the pleasure now

You found the girl to dance and waltz up and down the streets with
every other night
Then you find your identity through this girl that you
really think that might

Help you out with no doubt
Raise your roof into the cloud
See her fingers move down south
Now you know what this is about

Satisfaction will come
Until we go numb

Phase one will always be the same run
towards the goal to get the girl into
Phase two will not always come true
cuz this is what we all pursue

Lets say the girl and you, you dance and waltz down the streets
every single night
Then you find yourself with no identity at all
as you see your dream go down

Down the drain, you lost your name
Down comes rain, you both go insane
You broke the game, you broke the flame
As we wanna win this lottery we will sometimes see that finally

That dreams will only stay
As utopian worlds